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Our focus on communications and electronic security allows us to offer our customers a wide range of engineering services from systems integration to network design and data management. Most of our customers outsource engineering work in our area of expertise to us while focusing on their core business.

Saving Money

Our most common engineering services involve assisting customers save money without compromising quality when it comes to our area of expertise. In many cases, customers save over 50% of the original budget while receiving superior services and products.

Special Projects

Other engineering services include designing and implementing special projects that is unique in nature. For instance, your business needs demand to control sensitive information from employees and your current system doesn't allow that. Or you need a 24-hour obscured surveillance system that integrates with existing systems.

Audit and Cost Analysis

We do both cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) on engineering related projects and add our recommendations. Because of our involvement, companies save money and time and get the most out of their hard earned money. Our services are much more cost-effective than hiring salaried expert for such purposes.

Off-site Data Storage

Server crashes and other disasters cannot be prevented 100%. However, planning ahead saves a lot of ....recovery .

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Government and Law Enforcement

We have services tailored for authorities. We can work with you from modernizing your systems and networks to public security and safety.