Radio & TV

From studio and master control rooms to transmitters and power amplifiers, we can put you on air in very short time. One of our engineers is a former broadcast engineer of one of the major US TV networks with full industry knowledge.
TV and Radio Broadcast Services
Depending on your exact needs and budget, we can design and build fully functional TV and radio stations from master control rooms to full powered transmitters.

We can work with you for your needs on TV and radio transmitters, master control room equipment, power amplifiers, satellite up-link, and and overall system design and maintenance. We can also help you with propagation and power management, meet and exceed regulator's demands without compromising signal quality. We can also help you locate elements that interfere with your broadcast and give you our professional opinion on ways to minimize or eliminate interferences impeding your station's signal. You can talk to us about all aspects of broadcast engineering and your specific needs such as antenna design, right propagation, power leakage, etc.

Contact Us - Please use this form to get more information from us. It usually takes less than 48 hours to respond to non-clients and 0 - 12 hours to clients, depending on time and date.