About Blue Star communications, LLC.
Our company was established in 2005 by communications, electronics intelligence and surveillance, and broadcast engineers with a combined industry experience of more than 40 years. Our services include system design, hardware and software integration, training, systems deployment and special and unconventional system design. We also research, negotiate with equipment vendors on behalf of our valued customers, Our customers, large and small, save money each time they approach us with complicated and sometimes very unique projects. By entrusting us, our customers eliminate the fear of the unknown as we guide them through different technologies and approaches. We make sure that our customers invest in quality products and services without spending more than what's necessary. We follow technology trends and watch closely new technologies, market prices, standards and regulations to better serve our valued customers.
What we do
We provide electrical engineering and technology solutions for businesses and governments. In a nutshell, we are an engineering outsource firm with international client base. We can work with you for almost all electrical engineering projects, including complex systems integration, network design and deployment, custom software, training and ongoing support. Companies that hire us as their engineering partner and contact save money and time.
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By employing us for your mission critical engineering needs, you will no longer worry about buying incompatible equipment, wrong software, information mishandling and all other headaches that come with today's different standards and technologies. With us, you will not need salaried experts on different disciplines, We have engineers and technicians who travel to all parts of the globe for missions that need site visits. We can send experts to international conventions and meetings on your behalf.

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